L48A1 Mast Section Tower Hang Safety Supervision Mechanism


The main cause of many tower accidents is the overload. The reason for the formation of overload is that the weight exceeds the regulations; The second is because the horizontal distance of the weight exceeds the operating radius. After the installation of the torque limiter, when the weight is overweight or the operating radius is too large and the lead moment exceeds the technical performance of the tower crane, the lifting or changing power source is automatically cut off and an alarm signal is issued to prevent accidents.
There are currently two types of torque limiters for tower cranes: one is electronic and the other is mechanical. The electronic type can read torque, operating radius, and weight data at the same time on the display. When approaching the allowable moment of the tower crane, there is an early warning signal, which is convenient to use, but it is affected by the operating conditions, the reliability is poor, and it is easy to damage and inconvenient to repair. The mechanical type has no display device and no early warning signal, but the work is reliable, and it is more suitable for on-site construction conditions. The simple structure has low damage rate.
The moment limiter must be adjusted when the tower crane is reassembled at the conversion site, the ratio of times is changed, and the length of the lifting arm is changed. The electronic overload alarm point must also be re-calibrated with the actual operating radius and actual weight test crane. When choosing a mechanical torque limiter for a tower crane with variable amplitude, it must be adapted to the tower crane, and it should be the same type of factory.

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