L48A1 Mast Section Safety precautions for the use of machinery such as tower hoists, man-cargo ladders, Derrick, etc..


1. For large machinery such as tower hoists, human and cargo ladders, and Derrick structures, there must be a detailed plan for loading and dismantling before they are approved by the relevant personnel. They can only be installed and dismantled after they have passed the examination and approval. There must be corresponding safety and protection measures around the installation and demolition, and warning signs must be placed.

L48A1 Mast Section

2. Access to the site must be completed by competent personnel before use.
3. The operator must pass the examination and pass the permit to take office, conduct safety technical operations within the specification, and hand in the written signature.
4. The necessary parts(such as vertical, horizontal settlement, etc.) must be monitored regularly during use and archived in written records.
5. The machines are regularly maintained as required, with maintenance every 10 days, maintenance every 1 month and testing every 6 months. Maintenance work is carried out to people.

L48A1 Mast Section

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