L48A1 Mast Section Factors to Consider in Choosing Tower Stepping Steel


The following factors should be taken into account in selecting steel:
1. Importance of Structure: Good quality steel should be used for important structures.
2. Load situation: The load is divided into two types: static load and dynamic load. In general, the structure of static load can be used for the price Q235 steel. The structure of direct bearing dynamic load should use steel with good comprehensive performance.
3. Connection method: The connection method of the steel structure is welded and non-welded. Due to welding deformation, welding stress, and welding defects during the welding process, there is a risk of cracks or brittle fractures in the structure. Therefore, the welding structure should be strict with the material requirements. For example, in terms of chemical composition, welding structures must strictly control the content of carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus; Non-welded structures can reduce the carbon content requirements.
4. The temperature and environment of the structure: The steel is easy to be cold and brittle at low temperatures. Therefore, the structure working at low temperatures, especially the welding structure, should be composed of calm steel with good anti-low temperature brittle properties. In addition, the steel with open structure is easy to produce aging., Steel which is affected by harmful media is prone to corrosion, fatigue and fracture, so different materials should be selected differently.
5. Steel thickness: The number of rolls rolled by thin steel is large, the compression ratio of rolled steel is large, and the compression ratio of steel with large thickness is small. Therefore, steel with large thickness is not only small in strength, but also has poor plasticity, impact toughness, and welding performance. Therefore, the thickness of the welding structure should be a good material of steel.

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