L48A1 Mast Section Debugging of the tower crane after installation


After the tower crane is installed, it must be tested and accepted on the spot before it can be put into use. The inspection and acceptance of the tower machine shall be carried out jointly by the construction unit equipment department, the security department, the loading and unloading team, and the project project, and the inspection and acceptance shall be carried out strictly according to the contents of the acceptance sheet. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out technical inspections, empty load tests, and load tests to ensure the safe use of the tower machine. Each time the attached wall, the top rise and the section must also be strictly accepted to ensure the reliability of the attached wall connection and the vertical degree of the tower.

L48A1 Mast Section  L48A1 mast sectionL48A1 Mast Section good at  in this field . 

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