L46A1 Mast Section Three key safety points for tower crane rental company


For tower crane rental enterprises, order is important, but safety construction is also a top priority. Based on the long-term research experience, I summarized the tower crane rental company to master the three major safety points, hoping to help.
Safety equipment should be brought together
The current Chinese tower lifting standards(such as GB/T9462 -1999 "Tower crane technical conditions", JG/T100 -1999 "Tower crane use regulations", etc.) have been clearly stipulated, Tower cranes should be equipped with gravity moment limiters, lifting weight limiters, lifting height limiters, amplitude limiters, rotary limiters, etc.. The latest standards will require tower cranes to install tower cranes with black boxes.
However, tower crane manufacturers generally do not manufacture safety devices and usually need to purchase them themselves. In view of the fact that the scale of safety device manufacturers varies greatly, when purchasing tower cranes from tower cranes, they should examine whether these devices are manufactured by professional manufacturers. Special attention should be paid to checking its reliability. See if there are anti-car traction rope broken rope device, car anti-fault shaft falling device.
II. Operators should be strong
In the current construction in many places, tower crane rental companies often use the "single bicycle" approach to participate, and the tower crane's command was handed over to the construction site. In addition to being informal, this kind of practice has left a hidden danger that can not be ignored.
In Guangdong Province, where construction is now relatively standard, whether it is tower hoist or self-use tower hoist, including a tower hoist driver and a tower hoist's "double bicycle" model has become a construction practice. While such an approach may be seen by some practitioners as lowering revenue, in the long run only standard construction can ensure safety, thus avoiding the embarrassment of haste.
Thirdly, the tower crane rental company must also do a good job in the maintenance of equipment
Because the tower crane is a machine that works intermittently, it has the characteristics of short and repetitive work. Institutions operate from time to time, sometimes turning and sometimes turning. Some cranes work in three shifts day and night, some work only one shift, and some even work only a few times a day. The nature of this work determines that tower lifting maintenance is a long-term and meticulous work, especially for tower lifting companies where most equipment is often used tower lifting.
In addition to checking tower lifting parts from time to time, tower lifting maintenance is also necessary to often empty test vehicles. In addition, organizing safety conditions into tables is also essential for facilitating tower hanging succession and establishing an orderly security inspection process. The "safety inspection list" of Tower cranes can be listed in detail according to different parts such as "tower body", "safety device", "organization and parts" and "electrical equipment", and set aside the relevant options in accordance with the standards of qualified tower cranes., For inspection. At the same time, a "general evaluation" column should be set aside for inspectors to draw conclusions on the overall situation of the tower, especially on the crucial aspect of "whether or not to continue to use" for safety purposes.

 L46A1 Mast Section

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