L46A1 Mast Section The working speed of the tower crane, rising speed, turning speed, changing speed


The working speed of the tower crane includes: lifting speed, turning speed, changing amplitude speed, etc.. In lifting operations, the lifting speed of the tower is the most important parameter, especially in high-rise buildings. Raising the lifting speed can increase the working efficiency. At the same time, the lifting speed needs to be slow when the lifting is in place. Therefore, the range of lifting speed changes is large. Excellent performance.

L46A1 Mast Section

The lifting speed is not only related to the lifting mechanism, but also related to the doubling rate of the hook pulley group. The two ropes are twice as fast as the four ropes and the single rope is twice as fast as the two ropes.
In the lifting operation, the speed of rotation, amplitude variation, etc., does not require too fast, but it must be able to start and brake smoothly, can achieve the speed adjustment without extremity, frequency conversion control is relatively ideal.

L46A1 Mast Section

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