L46A1 Mast Section Method of laying a tower suspension track


1. The foundation of fixed tower crane must be provided with a reinforced concrete foundation, which must be able to withstand the maximum load under the working state, and should meet the requirements of the horizontal deviation, longitudinal deviation, and gauge deviation of the base of the tower.

2. The track shall not be laid directly on an underground building(such as dark ditch, civil defense, etc.).
3. The road surface before laying gravel must be compacted. The orbital gravel foundation must be flattened and mashed, and gravel should be filled between the trees. Reinforced joints must be supported by timber and must not be suspended. Drainage ditch should be provided on both sides or in the middle of the roadbed, and no water should be accumulated on the roadbed. The thickness of the slag layer should not be less than 20cm(10cm above and below the sleepers); The slag particle size is 25-60mm.
4. The crane track should be connected to the wood through the pad. Each 6m interval of the track is set with one gauge pull rod.

5. The rails of the tower crane should be set up not less than two sets of grounding devices, and a set of grounding devices should be added every 20 meters with a long track, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 euros.
6. The soil bearing capacity of the roadbed must meet the requirements of the special safety construction organization design(construction plan).
7. The limit position blocker must be set at 1.5 m from the orbital terminal, and its height should not be less than the radius of the running wheel.

8. Snow and frost on the track during winter construction must be cleared in time. During the construction period, the crane should check the track foundation every week or after rain or snow. If it is found that it does not meet the regulations, it should be adjusted in time.
9. After the completion of the construction of the track of the tower machine, the installation of the tower machine must be completed after the relevant personnel have passed the inspection and acceptance.

10. It is strictly forbidden to pile any material in the middle of the track within the walking range of the tower.

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