L46A1 Mast Section Installation requirements for metal structure of tower crane


1. There are no visible cracks and obvious deformation of the main structure parts.

2. The main connection road is complete, specifications and pre-tightening force meet the requirements of the manual.

3. The main connection pin meets the factory requirements and the connection is reliable.

4. Attachment device setup and attachment distance are in accordance with the plan, the structure is correct, and the supporting wall and building are firmly connected.

5. There is no obvious deformation of the attachment rod, and there is no crack in the weld.

6. The horizontal tilt of the arm is not more than 1/1000.

7. The vertical error of the axis of the tower in equilibrium state is not more than 4/1000.

8. The aisles, platforms, railings, and pedals should be firm, non-defective, and have no serious rust. The height of the railings should not be less than 1M.

9. The ladder pedal is firm and has Anti-Slip performance; No less than 2 meters above the ground should be provided with a protective ring, without interruption; The first rest platform is not more than 12.5 meters, and one is set every 10 meters.

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