L46A1 Mast Section help tower crane rise higher



The tower crane, which sits underneath the cross beam and bracket that is the control room, is a sort of sleeve-like structure, attached to the beam and larger than the supporting steel column, that is, the support column. Under the casing structure, there is usually a ring of platforms for the workers to stand on. The fixation between the casing and the strut, just below the casing, includes not only the connection between the two structures, but also the upward support. That is to say, the top of the pillar is not supportive. The strut is composed of a section of steel members, the middle by the big rivet connection, 45 degrees direction of steel members a positive one anyway good is a L46A1 Mast Section. The casing is usually as high as 2.5 knots, but the connection is only at the bottom segment, so the casing can be raised to the top segment without being raised to stabilize. When the casing reaches the top section, there is more than one section between the bottom of the casing and the top of the strut. At this point, a new section can be hoisted and placed into this section. This new L46A1 Mast Section, which neither bears nor joins, is fixed to the top of the strut. Then the casing can continue to rise one section. In fact, this new section was hoisted up before it was raised, and at the bottom of the casing structure, two slides were installed. The new section could be hung on the top, and when there was enough space, a worker could push it along the slide. The casing and the connecting beam are also heavy, they are all steel frames, and their rise is driven by hydraulic pressure, electric motor, and the rise is very smooth. The diameter of hydraulic piston should be more than 10 cm. The base of the hydraulic press can be moved up and down along the strut, and its stroke is exactly one section high. To install the second section, you need to move the hydraulic machine up a section. The hind end of horizontal suspender, have counterweight commonly, such, when do not lift to carry building materials, whole suspender is unbalanced, let it rise so is very unsafe also inconvenient. Therefore, when it is raised, something is usually hoisted, usually a piece of steel structure is hoisted, and when it is raised, the piece is ready for use.


Under the control room of the tower crane is a section larger than the other structures and open on one side. Here is the secret. When the tower crane needs to be raised, turn on the hydraulic pump of this section to lift the beam on top.

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