L46A1 Mast Section Basic Knowledge of Tower Sling-Application and Selection of Steel Wire Rope for Tower Sling


Steel wire rope is the most widely used flexible part in tower lifting. Its advantages are: good winding, large bearing capacity, light weight, smooth and noiseless during operation, suitable for high-speed rotation; Good elasticity, high strength, strong overload ability, generally do not occur during the work, more reliable. Therefore, it has been widely used.

L46A1 Mast Section

When choosing a wire rope, the form of the wire rope is first determined according to the use of the wire rope(normal temperature, high temperature, humidity, etc.). In general, priority is given to using wire contact wire ropes. In cases where corrosion is large, galvanized wire ropes should be used, and then the diameter of wire ropes should be determined according to the situation in the hand.

L46A1 Mast Section

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