L46A1 Mast Section 927/5000 Reasons for the emergence of the tower hook, measures to prevent the tower hook


1, the reason for the tower hook
(1) The contactor power supply line in the tower crane distribution box is loose, the connection terminal plate wiring bolt contact is poor, and the contactor main contact contact contact is poor.
(2) Poor contact with the wiring bolt of the motor rotor and stator coil.
(3) The wear of brake pads of high and low speed Motors exceeds the prescribed requirements.
(4) The gearbox gear is broken and the fixed gear bolt is loose.
(5) The phase deficient protector does not work.
(6) Limitator failure
2, measures to prevent the tower hook
(1) The driver should calm down after the phenomenon of sliding hooks in the work and inform the signal worker to let the ground personnel go. According to the operating rules and regulations to operate, hook, turn arm, take the car and other methods, the heavy objects placed in the scene unmanned area.
(2) To do a good job in the security inspection before, during and after class, it is necessary to conduct inspections in the form of eyes, ears, and hands.
(3) Inregularly check and tighten various connection points.
(4) Check regularly whether the brake pads of each brake are normal, whether the motor wiring bolt is in good contact, and whether the main contact contact of the contactor is in normal contact.
(5) The maintenance personnel must be seriously responsible for the work and strictly comply with the requirements of the safety operation regulations. The accessories to be replaced must be changed, and the inspection and trial operation work after the work is done.
(6) Check the work of the limiter regularly, and select the true standard limiter.

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