it is necessary to run an empty car and check the following five points to prevent the TOWER CRANE problem.


1, the walking part and the connection parts of the tower body are solid-because the tower part of the tower is made up of a section of members(individual walking parts consisting of tracks and rollers), The reliability of the connecting parts is closely related to the overall safety factor. Once the connecting parts, parts become loose due to corrosion, aging, and strain, they will often create unimaginable consequences. Therefore, Checking the connection of the tower crane is the primary task in the operation of the empty car.
2, whether the amount of lubricating oil in the transmission part is sufficient, whether the sound is normal-the role of lubricating oil in the tower crane is mainly to protect the parts, reduce the friction coefficient, absorb friction and heat generation, etc., but in the long-term use, there is often a large amount of consumption.

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Therefore, when the empty car before each tower crane is used, the steering gear and the crane are turned on and the contact surface is determined by monitoring the friction sound of the relevant mechanism to determine whether there is sufficient lubricant.

 Generally speaking, the sound of friction and smooth, gentle, no discomfort, worry means that the amount of lube oil is sufficient, while the sound is sharp, high, harsh is to tell people that lube oil is insufficient, need to pay attention. It is worth mentioning that in the extreme lack of lubricants, the tower crane parts will also appear sparks or even black smoke due to friction and heat.
3, the wear and tear of wire rope. As the direct transmitter and receiver of the force between the suspension and the suspension, the probability of fracture will increase greatly after long-term use, and the service life of the wire rope produced by different production standards and different manufacturers will also be different. Therefore, it is an essential step to check the wear of the wire rope before and after the idling of the tower crane.
4, the load limiter the amount of maximum weight position change. In the second-hand tower crane and tower crane rental market, many businesses will often change the load limit of the tower crane to meet the actual needs of the new operation site. Therefore, it is very necessary to check the empty car operation after purchasing the second-hand tower crane and completing the tower crane rental business. It is also important to check whether the maximum amount of the load limiter changes.

SR28ER Basic Mast

5, the controller rotation device is normal. Due to the structural characteristics of the machinery itself, the controller of the tower crane is composed of rotating devices such as dial and adjusting valve in the parameter display and instruction transmission. Therefore, checking the operation of these rotating devices is an important item for ensuring safety.
6, brake operation is normal. Like the brakes, the brake of the tower crane is mainly composed of high-strength thermal insulation tiles. It functions by holding the transmission wheel. This mechanism plays a particularly indispensable role in precisely lifting objects, so the tower crane before the operation is in operation. When the empty car is running, The brake needs to check the wear and tear of its heat shield several times and test whether the work is normal.

SR28ER Basic Mast

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