Is the distance between the tower and the building, tower crane and the type selection related to the distance between the building?


The distance between the tower and the building, and the choice of the tower crane type is related to the distance from the building? For example, the principle QTZ 40 tower crane, placed him at the distance from the building?

R16A Bases Fixing Angle

For a general tower crane, the climbing frame is 1.7 meters wide on one side, and the outer frame range is generally: 200 + width 1000 + exposed horizontal rod 100 = 1.3 meters, totaling 3.0 meters. If the operating room is on the side of the building, Add 0.6 meters, a total of 3.6 meters, Consider the safety range of 200, it is 3.8 meters.
Specifically depending on the type of tower crane. If the length of the short wall needs to be reduced, under the conditions of satisfying the attached wall, the width of the outer frame can be reduced, and the operating engine room can be moved to a non-wall side when the tower is mounted, which should be shortened to 3.0. The base of the tower crane needs to be connected with the structural foundation. As a whole.

R16A Bases Fixing Angle

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