information would be required to be submitted if the tower crane requests an extension of the review


1. Original or copy of ID card.
2. Confirmation of recess.
3. The year of guarantee education guidance training trainer Hengming or continuous education proof.
4. Examine the remaining information submitted for processing by the daze trigger.
If there is one of the following things, the results of the postponement review are divided:
1. Please exceed the specified age of tower crane operation.

L66A3 Mast Section

2. High, short, thin and healthy is no longer suitable for a special job.
3. Responsible for production safety incidents.
4. The number of illegal operations in two years has reached more than 3 times.
5. No danger education training or adhering to education in the specified year of participation.
6. Examine the status of other matters specified in the approval trigger.

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