In this article, I will introduce you to all kinds of electrical equipment tower crane


In this article, take you to know the main type of tower crane accessories, various kinds of tower crane electrical equipment:
1, height limiters, also known as hook height limiters, are generally mounted on the head of the lifting arm.

When the hook slides up to the limit position, it lifts the lever, presses the limit switch, cuts off the circuit parking, and then closes. The hook can only drop.
The lifting weight limiter, also known as the overload limiter, is a safety device that can enable the crane to operate without overload. When the lifting weight exceeds the rated lifting weight, it can automatically cut off the power supply of the lifting mechanism or issue an alarm.

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3, torque limiter for variable Crane, a certain range of only allow lifting a certain lifting weight, if overweight, attention to the risk of tipping. The torque limiter is a kind of protection device developed according to this feature. At a certain range, if the hanging material exceeds its corresponding weight, the circuit is cut off, so that the lifting can not be carried out and the stability of the crane is guaranteed.
4, travel limiter, to prevent cranes from crashes or limited to a certain range of safety devices. It is generally installed on the inside of the active stage car, mainly equipped with a trip switch that can be dialed and pulled.

In addition, a fixed limit position baffle is installed at the end of the track(in a limited position). When the tower crane runs to this position, the limit baffle touches the trigger of the stroke switch and cuts off the power source that controls the walk. When re-closing, the tower crane can only run in the opposite direction.

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5, the amplitude limiter, also known as the amplitude limit or amplitude indicator, is generally a range indicator on the lifting arm of the arm crane. It is made up of a fixed circular indicator plate, with a prolapse movement pointer in the center of the disk.

 When the amplitude varies, the pointer indicates the rated starting weight at various ranges. When the arm rod runs to the upper and lower limit positions, press down the limit switch, cut off the main control circuit, and change the motor to stop the motor to reach the limit position.

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6, the limit moment coupling, to prevent the tower crane rotary overload.
7, anemometer, for the crane with a height of more than 50 m at the root of the arm frame, must be installed at the top anemometer.
8, clamping device and walking limit device, rail crane crane must be equipped with clamping device, and should be equipped with walking limit device.
9, lightning avoidance and anti-electromagnetic induction device, for the crane with a height of more than 50 m at the root of the arm frame, lightning avoidance device should be installed according to the actual situation and electromagnetic coating induction measures should be taken.

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