How to Buy Tower crane: Enterprise Qualifications, Product Quality, Model Parameters, after-sales Service


At present, tower crane manufacturers, tower crane models are numerous, how to choose a tower crane suitable for their own application from so many products has become a difficult problem for many buyers.

Below, the factory based on many years of tower crane production experience, summed up the following four aspects of how to buy tower crane.
Enterprise qualification
The current qualifications are mainly the "Manufacturing License" and "Installation and Repair Maintenance License" issued by the State or the Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau, and the "Record Certificate" and "Installation Qualification" issued by the Provincial Construction Committee. When reviewing these qualifications, it is necessary to look carefully at the production scope.

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There may be cases of excessive production in individual enterprises. This situation is not allowed by national laws and regulations. If such equipment is purchased, it is not allowed to be used in the future.
Quality of Tower Hang Products
Tower hoist is a special equipment, the country has strict requirements for its manufacture and use. It can be divided into three parts to examine:(1) welding quality,(2) supporting mechanism quality, and(3) raw material material. For the above three points, we can focus on the quality of supporting mechanisms, such as lifting mechanisms, rotary mechanisms, swaying mechanisms, and electrical systems.
Type parameters of tower crane
The performance of the tower crane is related to the tower's own parameters: such as independent height, lifting speed, maximum ceiling height, and section of the tower.

The same parameters compared to the quality, pay attention to his supporting mechanism. Sometimes the same parameters, in the actual construction of the lifting overload capacity is not the same.

L68D Mast Section

Factory after-sales service
Make sure you know the warranty, the warranty. Some manufacturers promise warranty, but although the warranty period does not charge personnel service fees, accessories fees are still charged. Now the warranty of Tower hanging is basically six months warranty, it seems that the tower hanging industry has become the agreed deadline.

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