Function and working principle of black box monitoring system for tower crane


The role of the black box monitoring system in the tower crane
On the 7th, it was learned from the High-tech Zone Planning and Construction Land Bureau Quality Station that the High-tech Zone is building a tower crane to install a tower crane security monitoring management system, commonly known as the tower crane "black box."

 According to staff, tower cranes are increasingly used in various types of construction sites, but because tower cranes are more dangerous during use, the incidence of major injury accidents is also high.

The quality of the tower crane design, production, installation and use units is uneven, especially illegal operation, overload and overuse, which are the main causes of the accident.

L68B1 Mast Section 

At present, the system has been installed in 19 towers under construction, including the Huijin Building in the High-tech Zone, the Huaruiyuan Group 57 and the Zhongrun Overseas Chinese City South Group, which has solved the daily control and management of the towers.

At the same time, it also solves the safety protection problem of the tower hanging heavy arm covering office area and pedestrian road during the construction process.
How the black box monitoring system works
The tower crane black box monitoring system can record the working conditions of the tower hanging in working or non-working conditions in real time, and the working conditions of the various working indicators of the machinery itself, such as the weight of the hanging object, the total torque of the lifting, the radius of rotation and the angle, etc..

L68B1 Mast Section 

The load and running track of the tower crane are recorded one by one, which provides a certain basis for the inspection and review of the tower crane's own work.

At the same time, the "black box" self-brought sound and light system can alarm all kinds of illegal operations, timely and effective to prevent all kinds of illegal operations of the tower crane driver.

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