From the point of view of function and technology, the tower crane is divided into several parts.


From a functional point of view, the tower crane can be divided into seven parts: metal structure, parts, working mechanism, electrical equipment, hydraulic system, safety device and attachment Anchorage.

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The tower hanging metal structure consists of a lifting arm, a tower body, a turntable, a bearing seat, a balance arm, a bottom frame, and a spire.
Tower lifting parts are made up of wire rope(the main force component of lifting), variable amplitude car(car frame structure, wire rope, pulley, wheel, guide wheel, wire rope support wheel, wire rope anti-roll, car traction tensioner and broken rope insurance, etc.), pulley , rotary support, hook and brake composition.
There are five kinds of Tower lifting work institutions: lifting mechanism, amplitude shifting mechanism, car traction mechanism, rotary mechanism and large car walking mechanism(walking tower crane).

L44A1 Mast Section 

Tower electrical equipment includes hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, control elements, tubing and pipe joints, fuel tanks and hydraulic oil filters and other major components.
Tower crane safety system and attachment Anchorage is limited to the switch(limiter), overload insurance(overload power outage device), Buffer stop device, wire rope anti-release device

 Anemometer, emergency safety switch, safety protection sound signal. In general, in the process of building a building, the self-lifting tower can be used to set up two anchors to fix the ink.
The choice of attachment points on the building should be noted: the distance between the two attachment points is appropriate.

 The fixed point should be set at the corner of the T-wall and the outer wall; For the frame structure, the attachment point should be laid at the root near the column; Arrange near the floor for power transfer and installation.

L44A1 Mast Section 

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