Experiments of Tower crane suspension moment limiters: constant amplitude variation test, constant amplitude variation experiment


The tower lifting moment limiter is an important safety device for tower lifting, and its stability is very important. This paper explains the experiments of the tower suspension moment limiter, namely: constant amplitude variation experiment and constant amplitude variation experiment.
The experiments of the tower suspension moment limiter are distinguished according to the method of fixed amplitude and fixed amplitude variation, each repeated three times. Satisfied each time.

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1. Fixed amplitude variable code test
At the maximum working speed, Ro sets the weight Qo at the normal working speed. The torque limiter should not move and may rise normally. The load lands and rises at the slowest speed after loading to 110 % Q. The moment limiter should act, the load can not rise, and the alarm signal is output.
2 Take 0.7 times the maximum rated weight(0.7 Qm) and repeat the 1 test at the maximum allowable operating range R0 .7 at the corresponding load.
2. Stabilistic amplitude variation experiment
1 The maximum operating ranges Rm, 0.8 Rm, and 1.1 Rm corresponding to the maximum rated weight(Qm) are measured on an empty load and marked on the ground.

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32 When the maximum nominal weight(Qm) is raised at a small range of about 1 meter from the ground and the slow amplitude is between Rm-1 .1 Rm, the moment limiter should act to intercept the power supply of the Heqi lift loop and output the alarm signal.
Return, starting from the beginning of the new small range, change outward at a deformed speed, and should be able to actively change to a low-speed outward amplitude when reaching 0.8 Rm.

When between Rm-1 .1 Rm, the torque limiter should move and cut off the outward amplitude. Heqi lift loop power supply, And output alarm signals.
3 The maximum operating ranges R0 .5, 0.8 R0 .5, and 1.1 R0 .5 corresponding to 0.5 times the maximum additional component(0.5 Qm) were measured empty and marked on the ground.
4 Repeat 2 tests.

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