Experience: Use of lifting limiter for tower crane lifting


There are many conditions such as mountains and buildings when the tower is suspended, and the cargo dump affected by the site can not be seen. The advantage is that during the construction of the high-rise construction, it is necessary to lift frequently for a long time.

When the process of falling, the driver is often highly concentrated and afraid of grounding at high speed, because the commanding personnel on the site are uneven.

 As far as our local area is concerned, the command staff is mostly the boss's own family or rental card. And the walkie-talkies, the noise. To solve these problems, we talk about the use of Tower lifting limiters.

L69 Mast Section

In response to these problems, we can lift the tower up and turn on the limiter. There are four switches inside. The original two stationary(maximum minimum) switches each have three feet and one feed line and one is a regular pass.

 A constant closed, We lead two lines from the cab to the back and connect one line, then the root is always closed or regular, and we return to the cab to draw the phase line(WIRE) to any one of the rear, and the other is connected to the light.

 The light goes back to the zero line and it's the same as the light switch at home. And finally, just adjust the drop. For example, when the light is still two meters away from the ground, the light is turned on or the light is extinguished and it slows down and falls. It is recommended to go to a two-yuan store to buy a small night light LED life.

L69 Mast Section

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