Detailed solution to the hydraulic lifting system of the tower crane, an important component of the tower crane fittings


The tower lifting hydraulic overhead system is mainly composed of a hydraulic pump station, a hydraulic ceiling cylinder, a lock valve and a high-pressure hose.

It is an important part of a tower crane. To increase or decrease the standard section, the lifting capacity of the tower can increase or decrease with the height of the building, so as to meet the vertical transportation needs of different height buildings.

When the tower ceiling is lifted, the system needs to carry more than 30 tons of weight system working pressure above 18 Mpa of the tower suspension superstructure, which belongs to the high-pressure hydraulic system.

S69B2 Mast Section

The system has the advantages of small weight, light weight, and stable operation of large power. But at the same time there are low transmission efficiency, easy to produce faults and other defects.
Due to the hydraulic overhead system of the tower crane, which belongs to the flow of oil in the circulatory pipeline of the sealed pipe with pressure, the movement of the parts inside the hydraulic element and whether the seal is damaged are not easily detected.

S69B2 Mast Section

It is difficult to analyze the cause of the failure and determine the location of the failure. Half of the numerous tower crane accidents are caused by improper disposal after the failure of the system.

In order to avoid major equipment accidents, how to prevent the failure of the hydraulic ceiling system has become an urgent problem to be solved.

S69B2 Mast Section

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