Definition, parameters and safety measures of lifting height of Tower crane


The lifting height of the tower, also known as the height of the hook, is the vertical distance from the concrete base surface(or the top of the walking track) of the tower to the hook.

 The maximum lifting height is immutable for a tower crane with variable amplitude. For a tower crane with varying pitch, the lifting height varies with different ranges.

L46A3 Mast Section

 At the minimum, the lifting height is several tens of meters higher than that of the spire. Therefore, the Leaning tower has an advantage in lifting the height.
The lifting height of the tower includes two parameters.
The first is the lifting height when the tower is installed at free height.
The second is the maximum lifting height when the tower is attached.

The tower crane does not need to be attached when it is installed at a free height. Generally, the tower crane can reach 40 meters, which can meet the needs of small high-rise buildings.

L46A3 Mast Section

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