Concept and composition of tower crane, price and self-elevation


The concept of Tower cranes; The composition of Tower cranes; Price of Tower cranes; The tower crane itself rises.
The concept of Tower cranes: tower cranes are also called "tower cranes" or "tower machines"; Because it looks like a tower, it is also named tower crane.
Composition of Tower cranes: tower cranes can be divided into basic, tower body, top lift, rotation, lifting, balancing arm, lifting arm, lifting car, tower top, driver's cab, variable amplitude and other parts according to the functions of each part.

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Among the bridge cranes, the tower body is a tower crane body, which is also an elevated part; The ascending part allows the tower to rise; The rotation is to keep the upper body of the tower hanging can rotate horizontally.

 A lifting mechanism used to lift a heavy object; a lifting mechanism. The balanced arm frame maintains the balance of moment; The lifting arm frame is generally the part that lifts the weight.

The car is used to install pulley groups and steel ropes and hooks, and it is also a direct force part; The top of the tower is of course used to maintain the balance of the arm frame; The driver's cab is the place to operate; The amplitude variation allows the car to run along the track.

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The price of Tower cranes: Since the variety and model size of each tower crane are different, the price can range from 100,000 to tens of millions.
Tower crane's own elevation: Tower crane has an ascending frame. When the top rises, the frame rises first. After rising relative to the height of the tower, there will be a space between the tower body and the frame.

At this time, the standard section of the tower body is installed in this space. The frame rises here, and once again the standard section is installed inside the vacated frame, so that the tower crane rises according to the increase in the standard section.

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