Common Accident Causes and Precautionary Measures in the Daily Use of Tower CRANE


1. Cause analysis
1 Because the spline of the output shaft of the lifting mechanism and the spline of the lifting coil are severely worn beyond the limit.

 the teeth of the spiral Bevel gear pair on the first transmission shaft of the lifting motor shaft and the transmission transmission machine are knocked off and cause the lifting mechanism to lose control. When hanging objects cause hanging objects falling from high places to injure people.
2 The system controlled by the electromagnetic clutch, the electromagnetic clutch burned or the brush wear too much can not contact the power, resulting in similar blank gear in the shift process, hook out of control fall injury.

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3 The auxiliary tools of the main wire rope or suspension hook and suspension clip were not replaced in time after excessive wear during use, and they broke during the lifting of heavy weights, causing the tower crane to suddenly lose weight and capsize.
4 During the use of the tower body, due to the loosening and falling of the standard section tilt rod connection bolt, the tilt rod loses its support effect, resulting in the destruction of the tilt rod, causing the tower body to lose stability and capsize.
5 The lifting moment limiter and weight limiter are used for lifting tests or inspections within the prescribed scope, resulting in long-term corrosion by rain, resulting in the failure of internal contact oxidation, and accidents when the lifting weight is overloaded.

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2. Preventive measures
1 Strengthen regular inspection, the method: composed of experienced repairmen and excellent electricians, the main wire rope is fixed to the tower with a rope card, so that the wire rope can be "loose", and then turn the roller to judge the gear wear situation and gap, If necessary, the speed reducer can be opened for inspection.
2 After the Breakpoint, remove the brush on the electromagnetic clutch to observe whether the wear is excessive and whether the internal spring has any tensile strength.

If it is not or not flexible, the center must be replaced. Use a multimeter to measure whether the clutch coil is within the specified resistance value, and then carefully observe whether the sucker is burned, whether the coil produces a magnetic field when working

 Check whether the clip spring is effective. It will be put into use after it is confirmed that it is normal.

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3 Serious inspection of wire rope, unloading clip, hook, cable, etc., strict implementation of the wear of wire rope regulations, found that the rope joint fracture, fiber core damage or steel core fracture, resulting in a significant reduction of rope diameter

Caged distortion, serious twisted problems such as immediate replacement, prevent accidents.
Check standard joint bolts with special wrench regularly and tighten them.
5 Test each limiter regularly, and debug to confirm sensitivity after operation.

S24D2 Mast Section

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