come up with three principles for choosing the standard festival for tower crane lifts.


Many construction units, tower hanging companies, second-hand tower hanging leasing companies, etc., often choose unsatisfactory products because they are not familiar with the performance of the products, resulting in low work efficiency and even accidents.

As one of the basic components of tower crane, the tower crane standard festival plays an indispensable and important role in tower crane structure. A good tower crane standard can not only improve the flexibility of these heavy machinery, but also improve the efficiency of work, and when necessary, it can also have a multiplier effect.

Therefore, it reflects the need for the selection of Tower hanging standard festival.
To this end, I summarized the tower hanging standard festival selection of the three principles, hoping to be helpful to the general public.

L69B2 Mast Section

First of all, when choosing the standard festival for tower lifts, we should look at the security labels that have been affixed, or our own security marks that have been affixed by regular manufacturers.

If not, such relatively crude, unreliable quality, and can not withstand long-term use. So do not covet cheap, durable is the hard truth.
Secondly, when checking the sample, we should look at whether the standard section of the tower crane is smooth and delicate. If so, it is generally more sophisticated and the processing and production are relatively in place. The standard section of the tower crane is not accurate.

L69B2 Mast Section

Third, in the near view of the standard section of the tower hanging, it should also be seen whether the connection is good, whether the joints are flexible, lubricated, if rust occurs, or the connections are relatively slow, such a standard section is best not to buy.

Because most tower hoists have limited maintenance times, and the environment where the sun is soaked in rain and salt and alkali(such as cement) corrosion is serious, the tower hoist standard festival must face many tests.

Therefore, when selecting the standard festival, only careful and careful can really achieve good results.

L69B2 Mast Section

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