Classification of Tower crane hoist and introduction of the characteristics of each tower hoist type


I) The presence or absence of walking structures
According to the existence of walking mechanism can be divided into mobile tower crane and fixed crane.
(I) Mobile
Mobile tower cranes can be divided into four types: track, tire, car, and track according to the different walking devices.
The track-type tower crane is fixed on the bottom of the walking frame and can be operated on a special track.

 It has good stability, can carry load, and has high working efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in building installation projects.
Tyre-type, car-type and crawler tower cranes have no track devices and are easy to move, but they can not walk with load and have poor stability. At present, they are rarely produced.

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(II) Fixed
The fixed tower crane is divided into two types, the attached ascending type and the inner climbing type, depending on the location of the installation:
(1) Attachment to ascending type
The attached self-rising tower lifting energy rises with the rise of the building and is suitable for high-rise buildings. The building structure can only withstand the horizontal load from the crane, and it is easy to attach, but it uses steel to occupy the structure.
(2) Internal climbing
The internal climbing crane climbs inside the building(elevator shaft, stairwell) with a set of brackets and lifting systems. The top rise is more cumbersome, but the occupying structure uses less steel and does not need to install foundations. All self-weights and loads are borne by the building.
Structural characteristics of the lifting arm

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According to the structural characteristics of the lifting arm, it can be divided into pitch variable lifting arm(moving arm) and small car variable lifting arm(flat arm) tower.
The pitch variation of the lifting tower is due to the lifting of the lifting arm. The advantage is that it can fully play the effective height of the lifting arm and the mechanism is simple.
The variable amplitude of the car lifting tower is achieved by the walking of the car mounted on the horizontal lifting arm track.

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