Causes of tower crane accidents: improper construction sequence, unreasonable, inverted and reversed


Through the analysis of the cause of the tower crane accident, it is found that there are many reasons such as design, production, installation and use.

Among them, a considerable part is due to the improper arrangement of the construction sequence, the unreasonable connection of the process, and some even inverted and reversed the process.

 Blindly greedy for more speed and did not leave the necessary time for the technical interval of the tower hanging. In this paper, how to arrange construction sequence reasonably to avoid tower crane accident.

L46A2 Mast Section

1, ground brazing is in the form, some symbolically punched a few holes, and then arbitrarily wrote brazing records, can not truly reflect the underground obstacles, hole conditions and actual foundation bearing capacity.
2, water grindstone windowsills or other plates should be filled with mortar at the same time as the inner wall. If it is grayed and reloaded, it is necessary to re-cut the walls, which can easily cause the outer wall windowsills to empty drums, sunny corners

 The lower part of the windowsills. There is no guarantee of the quality of gray-graying at the heating trough.
3, the wire pipe, Box box, etc. should be in the inner wall before a large area of plaster by the tile or Grazer in cooperation with the electrician installed according to the design elevation position.

At present, some construction teams start to dust when the installation of wire pipes and wire boxes is not yet stable. After the ash is rubbed, it is re-chiseled, and then replaced by grazers. This not only wastes labor and materials, but also the ash is easily grayed. Produce empty drums and cracks.

L46A2 Mast Section

4, toilet, kitchen paste glazed brick order is not correct. Electricians and tile workers should work together to install the switch box and socket box to the scheduled location during the process of glazing tiles.

During the construction of some projects, Tile workers and electricians each took care of each other. The tile workers finished the glazed bricks. When the electrician installed the box, they removed the finished glazed bricks and installed wire boxes.

Finally, the tile workers also needed to subsidize glazed bricks. Causes the wall to produce glazed brick color incongruous, empty drum, brick seam inequality defect, namely waste material, can not guarantee construction quality.
5, glazed tiles and roof gray reverse order. The top boron should first be found flat, after finishing the ash, and then the grid wire paste wall glazed tiles to ensure that the glazed bricks are straight and beautiful.

 However, some construction personnel first covered glazed tiles and then grayed them, resulting in narrow strips of glazed tiles and inability to catch up with the phenomenon.
6, toilet, kitchen, roof and other waterproof layer should be completed one by one after the full injection of water test 24h, qualified and then construction of the next process.

 The quality awareness of some construction unit managers is weak, and only a few tests are performed on a representative basis. Individual even a water injection test is not done. Once leakage occurs, it is difficult to repair.

L46A2 Mast Section

7, brick masonry has just finished, carpentry immediately supports the mold, landing top support and lateral template reinforcement is too large, so that the wall tilt, shift, loose, bond is not strong, leaving structural hidden dangers.
8, some construction units or construction units regardless of the actual situation, arbitrary compression of reasonable duration, resulting in the construction personnel one-sided pursuit of progress, building concrete just finished using the tower hanging or lifting machine brick, so that the template support bending and scratching, floor concrete sinking and cracks.

Some construction enterprises in order to save the cost of the template lease, die too early, so that the concrete structure cracks.
9, the roof to find the flat layer is not completely dry, that is, roll wood waterproof layer, causing the waterproof layer to peel and shed.

The water prevention layer of the rolled wood is covered with drums, delamination and leakage through the sun.
10, the pre-stressed hollow floor side seam concrete just finished pouring, that is, walking heavy cars on it, resulting in the hollow floor plate scratch, the plate crack.
11, wood is not dried or not really dry to make doors, door frames, window frames, shortly after installation due to dry deformation of the wood, warping, affecting the use of functions.
Some construction personnel did not wait for the wall and the roof was fully dried to paint.

Soon there was a phenomenon of depollination and bagging, which seriously affected the quality of the perception and delivery of the project.
13. The construction progress of the construction unit is too fast. The load-bearing beam concrete has not reached the required strength or even the cement has not yet been finally condensed. The tower suspension has caused permanent cracks in the beam plate and destroyed its internal microscopic structure.

L46A2 Mast Section

14. The work of plumbing, sanitary appliances and electrical installations shall not be carried out in accordance with the design requirements and the provisions of the construction acceptance standards, such as the pressure test, the water pass test, the insulation resistance, the ground resistance test, and the electric power security check.

 As a result of the installation project, it occurs when running, running, dripping, leaking, plugging, leakage, and power outage occur, which affects the use of functions and can lead to property losses and household casualties.
The sequence of the work processes has its own inherent regularity, science, rationality, objectivity, construction process standards, engineering methods and norms. It is based on the experience of the former engineering practice.

L46A2 Mast Section

 Construction production management is a complex system engineering. Every construction technology manager is required to be realistic, respect science, study carefully and strictly abide by relevant standards, carefully consider, plan and arrange the construction sequence in a reasonable manner in order to ensure construction quality.
If you want to effectively avoid the occurrence of tower crane accidents, you must catch both personnel and equipment. Improve the technical knowledge of the operators, and do a good job in the maintenance of the tower crane and other mechanical equipment.

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