be greedy for cheap and convenient use in selecting a tower crane certificate agency


For the majority of newcomers entering the tower hanging industry, accepting basic skills, achieving certain professional capabilities, and obtaining a suitable Shanggang certificate are the only way to start their "peak career".

 However, some unscrupulous institutions and even individuals, in the name of "tower hanging documents agency", set up a fake certificate wholesale workshop. While defrauding trainees of money, they also brought serious security risks to construction and transportation.
For example, in July 2011, the Ha Engineering Machinery Training School at No. 402 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin City, applied for hundreds of students in the tower crane profession.

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 Although they had been dispersed to various jobs after graduation, they were due to the school's management. Serious dereliction of duty, As a result, the graduated students of the tower crane held forged documents, so they could not be found on the website of the Harbin Labor Bureau.

 This also caused these students to encounter great inconvenience in their future work. Many participants who participated in rights protection reflected that "it cost thousands of yuan and bought a fake certificate. "
Its scope of work includes: driving operations of fixed, orbital and internal climbing tower cranes at construction sites; Construction lifts; Material hoist; Mobile crane; Door crane; Construction elevator(external elevator); Derrick(Longmen frame).

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Piling machine; Strong tamper operation. The training requirements for the tower crane qualification certificate also include the following conditions: 18 years of age and meeting the age requirements for the relevant types of work

(a) Have passed the hospital medical examination and have no diseases or physical defects that prevent them from performing the corresponding special operations.

(b) Junior high school or above; Other conditions that meet the requirements of the corresponding special operations.
All in all, in choosing a tower crane certificate agency, the students must not be greedy for cheap and convenient, and pay money to the training institutions that are not certified by the labor administration or law enforcement departments.

 Instead, they must earnestly accept theoretical learning and practical training. In order to obtain the relevant documents.

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