At present,the main tower crane models used at home and abroad


The tower crane is a full-back rotating arm crane with a tower structure. It plays a very important role as a transportation equipment in construction. Before the elevator was installed and used, the role of the tower crane was shown. Regardless of the steel bars, templates, masonry materials, equipment and other materials, the tower crane completed the commissioning work. As for the tower crane construction for short-term projects, it can adopt economical, efficient and practical tower crane leasing business.

SR48JR Basic Mast 

At present, tower cranes are mainly used for construction sites. According to the characteristics of their use, they can be divided into two categories: small car variable-amplitude and movable arm variable-amplitude models.
What is common is the large weight of the variable amplitude tower crane in the car, and the large weight of the variable amplitude tower crane is generally used in large-scale steel structure projects, such as CCTV in Beijing, Guomao III, and Universal in Shanghai; Under the regulations of the relevant departments, the code of the domestic tower crane model is generally represented by two letters plus four numbers, such as ST7027. The first two letters are the manufacturer's model number, the ST is the Yongmao machine of Liaoning Fushun, and the TC is Zhonglian. Wait. The first two digits in the last four digits represent the maximum length of the arm, and the latter two represent the maximum weight of the longest arm; Domestic small towers such as 5515 are also commonly used. At present, the main towers used in China are FO/23B, H3/36B, 7027, 7030, K50/50, etc.. Some small towers are not listed.
In France, the tower crane model code is to use the alphabet arm length, and then use the number to indicate the maximum hanging weight at the far end, such as H3/36B, H for the 60-meter arm length, H3 for the model, and 36 for the maximum weight of 60 meters. 3.6 tons, B indicates the subsequent R&D serial number.

SR48JR Basic Mast 

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