Advantages and Disadvantages of Inner Climbing Tower crane


This paper is the basic knowledge point of tower crane: the advantages and disadvantages of inner climbing tower crane. If you know less about the inner climbing tower crane, you can first check out the article "

The characteristics of the inner climbing tower crane model and what advantages it has."
The Advantages of the Inner Climbing Tower
Tower cranes are arranged in the middle of the building(installed in indoor elevator wells) and are particularly suitable for use in the downtown area of the construction site.
2, the effective construction coverage of the suspension area is large, can give full play to the overweight capacity of the tower crane, improve the efficiency of the tower crane.
3, the entire mechanical input cost is small.

K40 Mast Section

II. Disadvantages of Inner Climbing Tower
1, because the tower crane is directly supported on the building, it is necessary to check the structure, and if necessary, it should be temporarily strengthened to increase the cost.
the inner climbing tower crane is installed in the shaft of the elevator. Due to the installation and construction requirements, a certain number of holes must be set up on the shear wall of the elevator shaft, which has a certain negative impact on the main structure, and the hole needs to be strengthened.

After the lifting of the tower, It also needs to be repaired in time, causing inconvenience to construction.
Since the tower crane is installed in the elevator shaft of the building, the installation of the tower crane will affect the construction progress of the basement structure.
4, the communication between the driver and the ground is more difficult, the driver's field of vision is not wide enough, to the safety of lifting poses a certain hidden danger.
5, after the completion of the project, the demolition machine downstairs needs auxiliary lifting equipment, difficult to dismantle and unsafe

K40 Mast Section

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