Acceptance Record of Tower crane Hang Rotation Limit Device


Due to the actual situation of the project, the South side is close to the highway and there is a 10kv high-voltage line on the roadside, which has caused inconvenience to the work of the tower crane and has also caused greater safety hazards.

In order to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent accidents, the installation unit is required to install a limiting device for the tower crane swing, and to complete the acceptance record of the tower crane swing limiting device.
Acceptance content:
1, use 10cm * 5cm * 5cm iron block for the tower crane rotary chassis, welding, prevent the rotation to the high pressure line of Nanhu Road.
2, the current horizontal safe distance between the arm and the high-voltage line is about 9m.
3, after the inspection test, the installation of the rotary limiter is sensitive and reliable

K60 Mast Section

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