a heavy tower crane,the heavy tower lifts used


What is a heavy tower crane? Heavy tower crane is suitable for large construction and industrial installation.
Heavy lifting features:
(1) The tower crane adopts hydraulic lifting, the lifting mechanism adopts a double-speed motor and a planetary differential, and can obtain light loading high speed and heavy loading low speed. It is currently a high-efficiency lifting mechanism in China.

K40 Mast Section

(2) The rotary mechanism has two transmission methods, one is driven by a torque motor with Eddy current, and the planetary reducer transmission; The other is the use of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, can achieve stepless speed regulation, braking stable, accurate position.
(3) The transmission mode of the car traction mechanism is a three-speed motor drive built-in planetary speed reducer transmission.
(4) The walking mechanism adopts hydraulic couplers and disc brakes;
(5) electric control adopts imported components, building blocks, and clamping installation;
(6) The safety device of the tower crane is complete and the work is reliable;
(7) The side driver's room has a wide field of vision and easy operation.

K40 Mast Section

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