290HC Mast Section Safety devices for tower lifts are essential.


1. Weight limit problem: Tower cranes should be equipped with a corresponding weight limiter. If the crane is not more than 6t, it should be equipped with a weight limiter, but the error must not be greater than 5 %. If it exceeds 110 % of the set value, it should be immediately cut off. Power supply.
2. Walking limit: If it is an orbital Crane, a limit switch should be set on its operating direction. In this way, the crane can be automatically parked within a distance of 0.5 meters when entering the correct track end.
3. Installation of wind speedometer: If the height of the hinged point of the crane's arm base is greater than 50 meters, the anemometer should be installed. When the wind speed exceeds the operating limit, the operation should be stopped. And the anemometer is installed at the top of the crane to the top of the crane and is located in a place without a windscreen.

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