290HC Mast Section Installation steps for tower attachment


Installation steps for tower attachment:
1. Set up three attachment devices with tower cranes. The three attachment elevations are 17.200 M, 35.200 M, and 42.400 M.
2. After the installer is in place, check the vertical degree of the tower body with a theodolite, and adjust the attachment rod appropriately if necessary.
3. The four attachment rods should be kept at the same level and adjusted immediately if tilt occurs.
4. The straps of the attachment device must be arranged in the designated position of the concrete structure according to regulations, and wooden liners must be placed in the gap between the hoop and the building structure to make it secure.
5. The attachment device should be tightly connected with the attachment joints of the tower body. During the work, the joints should be checked for looseness at any time. If abnormal conditions are found, the operation should be quickly stopped and adjustment measures taken.

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