290HC Mast Section Inspection of the tower crane transmission system


1. The lifting, rotation, amplitude change, and walking mechanism should be equipped with brakes and work normally.
2. The transmission should be fixed firmly and run smoothly.
3. The exposed part of the transmission shall be protected.
4. The insulation resistance of the electrical system to the ground is not less than 0.5 MΩ.
5. Ground resistance should not exceed 4 Ω
6. Good circuit short circuit and over current protection should be available.
7. Protect Zero Line from being used as a current-carrying loop
8. The tower crane should be set separately and with a switch box with warning signs.
9. Power cable and cable without damage, aging. Insulated materials are isolated from metal contact, and cable cables are moved or other wear prevention measures.
10. Anemometer should be set up when the root hinge point of the arm frame is higher than 50 meters.
11. The top height of the tower is not more than 30m and the red barrier indicator light should be installed when it is higher than the surrounding buildings. The power supply of the indicator light should not be affected by the shutdown.

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