290HC Mast Section Construction of the tower crane


The construction process of the tower crane must achieve unified thinking and unified command. According to the relevant operating rules for safe use, it should be noted that:
1. The legs of the lifting equipment used for construction should be hit on a solid ground, with the necessary wooden boards or square wood;

2. Slant hanging, side hanging, lifting and other measures such as the selection of appropriate suspension position and auxiliary traction;

3.2 meters above high altitude operations must be safe and protected. Rainy weather and wind power greater than the fifth grade stop operations. When the construction is in the middle of the storm, the tower must be installed in a safe state;

4. Heavy arms must not be turned during lifting and lifting operations, and special personnel must be set up for protection;

5. The loading and dismantling must be carried out in strict order as required by the construction plan. The front of the lifting arm should not be weighted, and heavy weights should not be lifted without assembly. When disassembling, the weight should be removed and the heavy arm should be removed;

6. Check whether the connecting parts of the tower crane are complete, reliable and effective. Whether it is safe to hang, cable, etc..

290HC Mast Section 290HC mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem

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