256HC Mast Section проблемы качества самого башенного крана, которые легко вызвать несчастные случаи


there are many causes of tower crane accident, tower crane itself quality problem is one of the main reasons. In this paper, Tower Crane Construction Co. , Ltd. (http://www.fx68.net ) will be based on the causes of previous accidents, summed up the following, easy to cause tower crane accidents occurred in their own quality problems? DESIGN PROBLEMS: The design of moment limiter has defects, poor sensitivity, steel structure design stress is unreasonable, hydraulic system design defects and so on. 

256HC Mast Section


Секция мачты 256HCSPARE PARTS PROBLEMS: Moment limiter component quality problems, steel structure used by the problem, hydraulic system components quality problems and so on. Manufacturing problems: Steel Structure Welding can not meet the requirements. The welding seam is not high enough, and there are some defects such as blowhole, slag inclusion and even virtual welding, especially the welding quality problem in the important connecting parts of tower cap, tower crane arm and balance arm. The geometrical dimensions of the steel structure do not conform to the requirements. The size of steel section can not reach the national standard if the material is not cut according to the requirement. Ex-factory certificate and the use of the manual issues: No ex-factory certificate, is counterfeit and shoddy products. There is no batch description and no indication of changes to the original design.

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