256HC Mast Section Maintenance of Tower lifting equipment


1. Maintenance work before the tower machine work class:
(1) Removal of obstacles on the track(limited to orbital towers);
(2) marking obstacles within the radius of rotation of the cantilever;
(3) check whether the braking system is reliable;
(4) to check the lubricating oil of each reducer;
(5) check whether the bolt connection is loose and tighten it in time;
(6) Check the safety devices, must be complete and effective;
(7) Check the cable for damage and bandage the damaged area in time.
2. Maintenance work in the tower work class:
(1) Listen carefully to the operation of major working organizations;
(2) Pay attention to the sound of fine listening Motors, brakes, and contactors;
(3) When the tower machine stops, carefully inspect the temperature rise of the bearings, motors, braking electromagnets, and resistors;
(4) When the tower machine stops, leave to check the braking system.
3. Maintenance work after the tower machine work class:
(1) cleaning the cab;
(2) Cut off the power and lock the doors and windows of the cab;
(3) The tower crane driver carefully fills in the shift record.

256HC Mast Section 256HC mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem

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