256HC Mast Section Installation and transportation of Tower hoist


Before the tower is suspended, the center of the ground anchor wheel must be consistent with the center of the gauge to ensure that the tower body is always rotated along the center of the gauge during the lifting process, without eccentricity, so that the door frame is balanced. The role of the auxiliary ground anchor is to relax the wire rope with the rotation when the tower is lifted. The anchor here is used as the anchor point of the wire rope to prevent the tower from falling in the opposite direction during the rotation process.

The tower hoist shall try its best to prevent the deformation and collision damage of the structural parts during transportation. The painting shall be painted every six months to one year. Before painting, remove Rust, oil and other non-matter from the metal surface. The main force structure parts should be inspected for metal fatigue strength, weld cracks, structural deformation, breakage, etc.. The key welds of the main force structure parts and the parent materials in the welding heat affected area should be inspected. If abnormal conditions are found, they should be treated.

256HC Mast Section   256HC mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem

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