256HC Mast Section Code for tower crane rental installation


Tower crane is an indispensable key equipment in construction, and the tower crane lease industry has gradually developed and improved. Tower crane lease installation plays an important role in building safety. The installation specifications are as follows:
1. The tower crane driver and signal personnel must be specially trained and certified for employment.
2. The driver should be familiar with the mechanical properties and instructions of the tower crane, and comply with the requirements in the instructions.
3. The driver can start the operation with a clear signal from the commander. Before the action, ring the bell first. If the signal is unclear, do not operate at will.
4. The tower crane shall have two drivers per class, one driver shall operate, and the other driver shall be supervised on the ground to prevent accidents.
5. When hanging a wire rope lock and lifting a hook wire rope, the operator must immediately stay away from the heavy lifting, not to stand under the lifting arm to prevent heavy weights from falling and the arm rod from falling.
6. It is strictly forbidden to land the arm bar or perform two movements at or near full load.
7. It is strictly forbidden to drop weights freely. Handbrake or foot brake is used to control the fall of weights.
8. When the lifting arm changes the elevation angle, it must be empty and can not do other actions at the same time.
9. It is strictly forbidden to make rapid rotation to prevent excessive rotation from causing difficulties in the placement of objects and dangers of excessive centrifugal force of heavy objects.
10. Listen to the signal of the conductor during the operation. When the signal is unknown or may cause an accident, the operation should be suspended.
11. No one may stay and walk under the heavy arm when lifting.

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