256HC Mast Section can rise tower crane



How are cranes built? Where is the tower crane monitoring system installed?

Believe a lot of people are the same as xiaobian, often see a construction site or several parallel and higher than the building tower crane in operation, will feel very confused: so high, how on earth is installed! ? Today, the global total of small make up to answer your questions, the following is a simple summary of the installation steps of the tower crane:

Fixed tower crane foundation: before installing the tower crane, a foundation should be built on the ground so that it can bear the weight of the tower body and construction materials.

Installation of tower crane base Section: tower crane tower body is by a ordinary Section 256HC Mast Section. In the ground is installed with a crane, when there is a certain height, observe the fine gold powder found that the top of the "cage" than the bottom of a slightly larger, it is actually climbing node. The height and size around the climbing node are greater than normal. At the same time there is a hydraulic jack, the lift of the tower crane is completed by the lifting of the hydraulic jack.

Climb set installation: the tower crane under the bridge there is a larger metal sleeve, can the whole set in ordinary metal shelves, the whole sleeve called 256hc Mast Section, containing hydraulic device can climbing upward along the tower, when the tower crane need heightening, hydraulic equipment will start climbing boxing, make the whole tower crane climbing upward to the top of a certain distance, then the boom.

Installation of rotary tower body: on the ground, the upper and lower support, slewing support, slewing mechanism and other integrated with bolts, lifting to the tower body and cover frame, with bolts to lock. Hoist the rotary tower body and the top of the tower.

Installation of cab: on the ground, first check the electrical equipment in the cab, lift the cab above the upper support, and then use the pin shaft to connect the cab with the upper support. After the installation, the bridge electrician completes the wiring of the main circuit of the tower crane to cooperate with the rotating work of the balance arm when the lifting boom is installed

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