154HC Mast Section use on Tower Crane



How are the cranes raised?


Tower crane is the most commonly used on the construction site of a lifting equipment also known as "tower crane", with a Section of extension (height)(referred to as 154HC Mast Section), used for the construction of steel reinforcement, wood, concrete, steel pipe construction materials.



The function of the tower crane tip is to bear the upper load from the boom pull rope and the balance boom pull rope, and directly transfer to the tower body structure through the rotary tower, turntable, bearing and other structural components through the turntable.



The balance weight of the tower crane is required to be set, and its function is to support the balance weight, in order to form the balance moment opposite to the direction of the lifting moment. In addition to the balance weight, the tail is often equipped with a lifting mechanism.



The lifting mechanism is placed at the end of the balance arm together with the balance weight, for one thing, it can play a part of the balance weight role, and for another, it can increase the distance between the rope reel and the spire regulating wheel, so as to facilitate the arrangement of the wire rope and avoid the occurrence of disorderly rope phenomenon.

The amount of the balance weight is inversely proportional to the length of the balance arm, and there is a certain proportional relationship between the length of the balance arm and the length of the lifting arm. Balance weight is considerable, light weight tower generally at least 3 ~ 4 tons, heavy to nearly 30 tons.



The general process of tower crane disassembly and construction: first do the tower crane foundation, then use the truck crane to install the tower crane base on the foundation, then install the lifting boom and counterweight, with the rise of the floor of the tower crane also want to upgrade, tower crane has the self-hydraulic jacking system, a Section 154HC Mast Section from the tower body jacking connection can be.

After the tower crane is finished laying the base, the standard section is installed to a certain height with the crane, and then the lifting section is installed, which is set above the standard section and the standard section is very similar. The standard section is the standard part, and the lifting section is composed of two right-angle steel frames together.



The tower crane itself has its own lifting frame. In the process of lifting or moving the object, the lifting frame will be moved up through the operation of personnel, and empty space will be left between the building and the lifting frame. After placing the object in this space, the building will be raised. As the standard section is added, the height of the crane is also increasing. The process of disassembling the tower crane after the construction is completed is exactly the reverse process of the installation of the tower crane, which can lower the tower body to the ground, which is completely the crystallization of human wisdom!

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