154HC Mast Section Treatment in case of failure of tower crane


The tower machine should pay attention to many details during operation, in order to ensure safe work and improve work efficiency. When overloading or overloading, how to solve the problem of safety discharge failure of safety protection device.
Electrical or hydraulic system failure can lead to safety unloading failure.
1. Check the circuit and the liquid road. The purpose of circuit detection is to check whether the power moment limiter and limit switch can also transmit the electrical signal to the discharge electromagnetic valve while providing the panel indicator signal. If so, the discharge loop will be connected to achieve safe unloading. Otherwise, the safety discharge will fail.
2. After checking the circuit, check the liquid road. First, check the cloth pipe. There was no error. Finally, the attention was focused on the logical valve. It was suspected that the spring in the base valve was harder or the diameter in the valve was smaller, making the discharge oil. Road back pressure is larger, Caused the unloading of oil road is not smooth, unloading is difficult. Therefore, under the state of alarm, the pressure measured by the action on the due an or BN mouth was found to be about 1 MPa, and the main valve only needed about 0.6 MPa of the pilot pressure to open, which proved to be correct, precisely because of the large back pressure in the logic valve. To make it difficult to unload.

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