154HC Mast Section Installation and disassembly of Tower hoist


All operators of the tower aircraft must hold valid certificates to take office, and all personnel who have not obtained evidence must not participate. All operators must obey the unified command of the commander. The general commander must obey the technical guidance of the technicians and accept the safety supervision of the security guardians.
Tower operators must wear safety helmets, upper personnel must wear anti-skid shoes, dangerous parts of the operation must wear seat belts. All cranes must follow strict safety procedures. Drinking is prohibited during disassembly. Concentrate on your work and don't make jokes and jokes at will.
When the tower machine crosses up and down, it is necessary to note that the work and parts must be placed in a safe and reliable position to prevent falling and injuring people. The crane conductor should be familiar with the crane lifting performance, lifting weight and installation of the components. Command personnel should be united with the crane driver signal, the lifting height of large items more than two meters to pull rope.

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