154HC Mast Section 899/5000 Problems to be paid attention to in operation of self-lifting tower crane


1. When lifting a member, the balance weight is moved to the specified position before lifting.
2. The concrete strength and reinforcement of the attached or fixed tower crane foundation and the attached building must meet the design requirements.
3. The cable must be relaxed before lifting. The length of the cable must be slightly larger than the total overhead height, and the cable coil must be tightened.

154HC Mast Section  154HC mast section is the best in this field

4. Special elevators are prohibited from overtaking. When the arm rods are rotated or lifted, it is forbidden to lift the elevator. After use, it must be lowered to the nearest position on the ground. It is not allowed to stop in the air for a long time.
5. During the lifting process of this type of tower crane, the rotary part should be braked, and the rotary tower cap should be strictly prohibited. When the top is lifted, the failure must be stopped immediately for inspection. After the failure is resolved, the top can continue to rise.
6. When lifting, there must be a person in charge to supervise the power supply, control the hydraulic system and fastening bolts. Non-staff members are prohibited from boarding the top lifting platform, and they are not allowed to arbitrarily press switches or other electrical equipment. It is forbidden to carry out lifting work at night. Those above level 4 are not allowed to carry out overhead work.
7. After the lifting of the self-lifting tower crane top, it is necessary to check whether the connection bolts are secured, whether the climbing tower roller is in good agreement with the standard section of the tower body, whether the left and right joysticks are returned to the middle position, and whether the power supply of the hydraulic lifting mechanism is cut off.

154HC Mast Section  154HC mast section is the best in this field

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