132HC mast section set up tower crane



(1) preparation


Check whether the roadbed and track laying meet the requirements, bury the ground anchor, and determine the position of the ground anchor according to the rotating lifting direction of the tower and the total height of the tower body. Ground anchor divides main ground anchor and auxiliary ground anchor. The main ground anchor is the key of 132HC Mast Section. All the loads of the rotating tower body are borne by the main ground anchor. Moreover, when the tower is demolished, the ground anchor still needs to be used. The center of the ground anchor wheel must be consistent with the center of the gauge, so as to ensure that in the process of lifting the tower body, it will always rotate along the center surface of the gauge, without eccentricity, so as to balance the force on the gantry. The function of auxiliary ground anchor is to loosen the wire rope with rotation when the tower body is lifted. This ground anchor is used as the anchor point of safety wire rope to prevent the tower body from falling down the tower in the opposite direction in the process of rotation.


(2) overall installation


Install the travel mechanism, door frame and press iron according to the procedure required in the manual. The lifting arm is inserted on the bracket axis of the door frame platform, and the wooden stack is put on according to the assembled size of the tower body, and the tower body and tower cap are assembled so that the tower body is mounted on the wooden stack, and the axis is roughly parallel to the ground.


(3) wire rope winding


The steel wire rope of the winch shall be passed through the bridge to the pulley block of the tower cap and finally fixed in the head of the crane. The length of all the rope and the distance between the two pulley blocks shall be determined by calculation.


(4) in front of the tower


The controller, limit switch and other electrical equipment should be checked. The activity control panel in the control room should be removed and installed on the outdoor bracket to facilitate the operation when the tower is erected.


Clamp the rail clamp and wedge the anti-skid wedge under the running wheel.


To enhance the stiffness of the frame, cross braces can be tied on both sides of the frame.


Each post should be defined before starting, strict division of labor and command and contact signals. The main ground anchor should be monitored by experienced lifting personnel, when found loose and other abnormal phenomenon, to stop immediately to take measures (can be added to the ground anchor weight).


Start the winding machine so that the tower body leaves the wood pile about 200mm. Stop the machine immediately to check the stress condition of each part.


(5) erect the tower


After inspection, confirm that the situation is normal, continue to start the winding machine, so that the tower is stable and erect, the auxiliary anchor wire rope is loose.


After tower body standing to 60°, with the change of tower body center of gravity winding machine to slow down gradually, when the tower body center of gravity is close to the installation hinge, winding machine stopped working, with mobile crane to tighten the safety wire rope, relying on the tower body weight slowly fell on the pad of wood in advance. After tower body is stable, tighten insurance wire rope again, make tower body slightly awry, remove immediately layer of mat wood, loosen insurance wire rope to put stable tower body next.


Let me add something


Preparation before installation


1. Prepared materials include:


Tower crane production license, product qualification certificate, disassembly license, operating instructions, electrical schematic diagram, hydraulic system diagram, driver operating certificate, self-inspection report, major parts warranty, enterprise qualification certificate. Materials, equipment entry application form, acceptance inspection report, tower crane registration form, tower crane disassembly plan, safety disclosure, major accident emergency plan, tower crane foundation drawing.




2. The following points should be considered for the positioning of tower crane:


2.1 the role of the tower crane should be given full play to make the lifting boom cover the whole building under construction and the operation site as far as possible.


2.2 tower crane foundation should keep a certain distance from 132HC Mast Section foundation to avoid mutual influence.


2.4 within the scope of operation, minimize obstacles and improve work efficiency. The coverage of the boom shall be avoided from the high-voltage line as far as possible to meet the safety distance specified in the technical specification > of temporary electrical safety on the construction site.


2.5. The best distance from the building shall be considered to ensure that the tower body does not obstruct the erection of the outer scaffold and does not touch the balcony and awning when the tower crane is removed.


2.6. Such as when using the above two cranes must compile group of tower safety work plan, the minimum set up distance between tower and tower should guarantee the low end of tower crane arm and the other a minimum distance between the tower cranes are not less than 2 meters, the high of tower crane (hook rose to the highest point), and low between tower crane, in any case the vertical spacing not less than 2 m.


2.7 if the free height exceeds the requirements of the specification, the installation of the attached wall shall be considered.


Control points of tower crane installation and construction.


1. Key points of tower crane foundation construction:


1.1 the foundation shall be manually repaired to meet the requirements of the foundation drawing.


1.2 100mm thick sand and stone cushion should be made under the foundation and tamped down with a rammer.


1.3 the placement of foundation anchor bolts shall meet the requirements. The embedding depth of bolts in the foundation should be 25~30 times of the bolt diameter, and the reliability of the connection between bolts and foundation should be guaranteed.


1.4 to prevent accumulation of water on the foundation, the surface of the foundation should be higher than the surrounding ground. If the foundation surface is lower than the surrounding ground, drainage measures should be taken to timely remove the foundation water.


1.5 the strength of foundation concrete shall not be lower than C35, and the test block shall be retained during pouring. The strength of foundation concrete during the installation of tower crane shall reach more than 80% of the design strength.


1.6 after the foundation concrete reaches a certain strength, leveling the foundation surface with high-grade mortar shall not exceed one thousandth of the error.


2. Check tower crane before installation:


2.1 check the pressure test report of concrete in the tower tower, and only when the concrete reaches the designed strength can the organization tower crane be installed.


2.2. Carefully check every part of the tower crane, structural weld, bolt, pin shaft, guide wheel, steel wire, lifting hook, lifting tool, lifting hydraulic climbing system and electrical equipment, etc. If any problem is found, it shall be solved in time.


2.3 check switch box and power supply line of tower crane to ensure safe power supply during operation. Check whether the technical performance of the installation and use of the machine is good, check whether the installation and use of safety protection equipment meet the requirements, to ensure the use of safety in the installation process.


2.4. During the installation process, the tower crane must keep the site clean and orderly, set up a warning line in the operation area, and assign special personnel to guard against entering the installation site with irrelevant personnel.


2.5. The installation of the tower crane must be carried out during the day and should avoid rainy, strong wind and fog weather. If the weather changes suddenly during the operation, the operation should be stopped.


2.6. Those who participate in the installation and removal of tower cranes must be on duty with a certificate, wear a safety helmet, fasten safety belts and wear anti-skid shoes to prevent accidents.




3, tower crane installation process standard requirements


3.1 the tower crane must be well grounded to prevent lightning strike, and the grounding resistance value shall not be greater than 4 ohm.


3.2 after the installation of the tower crane, under the condition of no load, the deviation of perpendicularity between the tower body and the ground shall not exceed 3/1000.


3.3 the pre-tightening force of connecting bolts and pin shaft of each part of the tower crane should meet the requirements.


3.4 after the installation of the tower crane is checked correctly, it must carry out no-load, static load, dynamic load and insulation test. The static load test is 125% of the rated load, and the dynamic load test is 110% of the rated load. It can be put into use after passing the test.


Tower crane in the installation must have the specified safety device, mainly including: torque limiter, weight limiter, height limit, amplitude limit, rotary limit, hook insurance, drum insurance, wire rope off groove insurance, wind direction anemometer, car anti-break rope device, car anti-break shaft device and buffer, etc..


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