132HC Mast Section Preparations for the overall installation of the tower crane


The overall installation preparation work of the tower crane: Check whether the roadbed and track laying meet the requirements, lay the ground anchor, and determine the location of the anchor according to the position of the tower rotating and moving direction, the total height of the tower body, etc.. Ground anchors are divided into main ground anchors and auxiliary ground anchors. The main ground anchor is the key to the tower's rise. The entire load of the rotating tower is borne by the main ground anchor, and the ground anchor is still needed when the tower is demolished. Therefore, it must be carefully laid to achieve the required bearing capacity. And do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment. The center of the anchor wheel must be consistent with the center of the gauge to ensure that during the lifting process of the tower body, it always rotates along the center surface of the gauge, without causing eccentricity, so that the door frame is balanced. The role of the auxiliary ground anchor is to relax the wire rope with the rotation when the tower is lifted. The anchor here is used as the anchor point of the wire rope to prevent the tower from falling in the opposite direction during the rotation process.

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