132HC Mast Section Monthly inspection and maintenance of Tower hoist


The tower crane needs to be inspected and maintained every month. It generally includes the following:
Check the wear and lubrication of the wire rope regularly, and replace it immediately if it does not meet the requirements. Check the vertical degree of the tower regularly. The safety device of the tower crane must be complete, sensitive and reliable. Tower hanging in operation, if there is an abnormal sound, should be stopped immediately, after repair and put into operation. Before each operation, it is necessary to test the switch contacts of each safety device and require it to be in the correct position. When the tower crane does not work, loosen the brake device of the rotary mechanism and lift the hook to a near arm frame. Heavy weights are strictly forbidden on the hook.

132HC Mast Section 132HC mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem 

132HC Mast Section

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