132HC Mast Section Main operating methods of balance arm for tower crane


Many builders now choose to use some tower crane rental services during construction. Therefore, many tower crane leases need to pay attention to the use of tower crane equipment, and the role of balancing arms in many components of Tower cranes. It is mainly to provide the reverse torque for the lifting arm to ensure the body. The balance in the lifting process is one of the important lifting accessories. 

In most cases, the balance arm of the tower is an I-shaped steel, and the structure of the corner steel group is welded. It is divided into two sections and connected by an earboard pin shaft. The balance arm of the tower is equipped with a railings and a platform for the tail of the passage. One end of the balance arm of the tower crane is connected with the other end of the rotating tower body with two special pins. The rigid pull rod is connected to the tower cap, and the tail is equipped with a balance weight and lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism itself has an independent base and is balanced on the balance arm of the tower crane with four pins. The weight of the balance weight varies with the length of the tower crane.

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